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SNB’s Zurbrügg: No Negative Rates

Still in September, SNB's Zurbrügg was speaking of negative rates and deflationary risks in Switzerland. At that meeting we told him that deflationary risks were absurd given rising M1/M3, higher salaries and strongly rising home prices . Now he admits that

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Swiss Public Discussion Switched from Floor to Housing Bubble

Why there is no real estate bubble in Switzerland yet and why the SNB will help to create one   With the current recovery in the United States the discussion in Switzerland switched from a discussion about the EUR/CHF floor to the Swiss real estate boom, the so-called “housing bubble”. It seems that the Swiss …

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SNB Monetary Policy Assessment December 2012: (Nearly) Full Text

  The SNB decided to maintain the floor at 1.20 and the Libor target between 0% and 0.25%. As we expected in our outlook on the assessment, there were still important downwards drivers of inflation after the strong appreciation of the franc. Therefore, the SNB has moved its inflation expectations downwards for 2013 to minus 0.1% …

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