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Buy Gold, Silver Time After Speculators Reduce Longs and Banks Reduce Shorts

Gold and silver COT suggests bottoming and price rally coming. Speculators cut way back on long positions and added to short bets. Commercials/banks significantly reduced short positions. Commercial net short position saw biggest one-week decline in COMEX history. ‘Big 4’ commercial traders decreased their short positions by 28,800 contracts. Seasonally, January is generally a good month to own gold (see table). "If history is still reliable,...

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Shrinkflation – Real Inflation Much Higher Than Reported

600 new words entered our official lexicon this week as the Oxford English Dictionary announced the latest new additions to their online records.

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Gold Price In GBP Up 4 percent On Brexit and UK Risks

Gold Price In GBP Rises 4% On Brexit and UK Economy Risks. Pound fell 2% against gold yesterday after Theresa May created Brexit concerns. May's 'Hard Brexit' denial does not calm markets growing fears. Investors concerned about lack of government strategy and uncertainty. UK Prime Minister bizarrely blames media and "those who print things" for sterling depreciation. GBP gold builds on 31% gain in 2016 with 4% gain so far in 2017.

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