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Nassim Taleb Now Calls Bitcoin Worthless, Too Volatile to be a Useful Currency or Store of Value

Not only does bitcoin fail to satisfy the notion of being a currency without a government, but the cryptocurrency is also not a reliable inflation hedge nor a safe haven investment, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a probability researcher and former quantitative trader, says in a recent paper.

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FX Daily, September 23: It is Friday and the Dollar is Firmer Again

As Nassim Taleb instructed, we should not be fooled by randomness. If you see six red results in a row at a roulette table, do not conclude the game is rigged. If you flip a coin, and it is tails six consecutive times, the contest is not necessarily rigged.

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Stunning results achieved by Grail’s Free Portfolio in just two Months!

I am very pleased to report that the free portfolio in its deadline week exceeded my target of 15%, having reached a return of 16.84%, helped by a gain of 2.7%! The purpose of the portfolio was to give readers irrefutable evidence of the unique power of the Grail Equity Management System (GEMS) to generate high returns with no more risk than the S&P 500. The first graph shows that the mother portfolio has a margin of safety vis-à-vis the index of...

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