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Pound to Swiss franc forecast – Brexit impasse means a fragile pound

Brexit Limbo. At present Theresa May is in talks with Jeremy Corbyn in order to try and come up with a mutually acceptable deal to put to Brussels. The problem is May can’t even get a deal that is acceptable within her own party let alone Labour as well. Her deal has been rejected three times and Brussels are stone walling us on the Irish border.

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Caixin Monthly Column: Brexit

(Here is the latest monthly column I write for Caixin.  It is on Brexit and I wrote it as an email to my mother.  Here is the link.  The text follows) To: Mother, Date: July 4, 2016, Glad to see you figured out how to access your email account. I smiled when I saw your note in my inbox. Thank you, though I am not sure that Thomas Watson felt the same way when Alexander Graham Bell called him.

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FX Weekly Preview: Sources of Movement

Electoral politics remains significant. BOE is likely to cut rates, while BoC may tilt more dovishly. US Q2 earnings season formally begins.

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