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FX Daily, July 03: Yields Extend Decline

Overview: Interest rates are lurching lower.  The US 10-year yield is at new two-year lows, but the driver is European bonds where peripheral yields are 6-7 bp lower,  though Italy's benchmark is off 12 bp, while core yields are down 2-3 bp to new record lows.  The German benchmark is almost minus 40 bp, while the Swiss 10-year is beyond minus 100 bp.  Italy's two-year is breaking more convincingly below zero.

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The EU and Turkey: Unvarnished Truth and Stuffing

Turkey and the EU will begin negotiations over financial and budget reform. It is one of 35 areas (chapters) of negotiations. Turkey is no where close to joining the EU, for which it initially applied in 1987.

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Two Decisions from Europe

It might not be on investors' calendars, but European officials will take steps toward addressing two issues tomorrow.  First, the EC will make a preliminary recommendation of visa-free travel in the Schengen area for Turkish passport holders.  S...

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