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Are the World’s Billionaire Investors Actually Buying Gold?

The 4 investors profiled in the infographic are: Jacob Rothschild (Lord), chairman of London-based investment trust RIT Capital Partners Plc, David Einhorn, president of Manhattan-based hedge fund firm Greenlight Capital, Ray Dalio, chairman and CIO of hedge fund firm Bridgewater Associates, Westport (Connecticut), Stanley Druckenmiller, chairman and CEO of Manthattan-based Duquesne Family Office (and formerly of Duquesne Capital Management).

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Sloppy Decisions at Greenlight Capital and Pershing Square

  Not Just Wrong, but Monumentally Wrong Massive flaws at SUNE (Sun Edison) + VRX (Valeant) were somehow missed by both of these high profile/ well resourced hedge funds.   David Einhorn (Greenlight Capital) and Bill Ackman (Pershing Square) – both f...

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You Know Negative Interest Rates Are Bad When…

Submitted by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, Switzerland is famous for being punctual. The trains. The buses. The meticulously crafted, hand polished luxury watches. The Swiss are so culturally punctual that they even tend to pay their taxes well i...

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