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Swiss government forecasts 2021 deficit but no tax hikes

The coronavirus is set to knock a CHF 1 billion hole in Switzerland’s federal budget for 2021, according to a press release. Without the virus the budget was CHF 2.2 billion in the black. Post virus the budget is now CHF 1 billion in the red. The virus is expected to add CHF 2.0 billion to next years spending. The extra money is earmarked for SARS-CoV-2 tests, business loan guarantees and support to the sports sector.

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“The Eurozone faces the worst combination of economic and systemic risk”

The past few months have been an exciting time for gold investors, as the precious metal has seen a spike in demand after serious economic concerns and geopolitical tensions unsettled the markets. Many mainstream analysts have pointed to a number of recent events, from the US-China trade war escalations to the inverted yield curve, to explain the recent gold rally.

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Le retour de l’or sur la scène monétaire mondiale?

Mars 2009, le gouverneur de la Banque populaire de Chine M Zhou Xiaochuan revint  dans le cadre d’une conférence intitulée Reform the international Monetary System sur la vision de Keynes au sujet du bancor.Pour lui, le système centré sur le dollar américain et les taux de changes flottants, plus ou moins librement, devrait être repensé.

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