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Swiss Q2 GDP Details Compared to Japan, Germany, Australia and U.S.

  The Swiss GDP for Q2/2013 was in line with its peers in developed countries. The quarterly (not annualized) change was +0.5% compared to 0.6% for Japan and the United States, +0.7% for Germany and +0.5% for Australia. Swiss and Japanese growth...

Swiss industrial production unimpressed by global slowing

Swiss industrial production rose by 3% in the first quarter 2013 compared with the same quarter of the previous year. Turnover rose by 3.7%.

Swiss second after Australia/NZL as for Employment Growth Since December 2007.

Employment growth since Dec '07: Oz +8.1%, Switzerland +6.9%, Germany +5.8% Canada +4.3% Sweden +2.6% UK +0.9% Dutch +0.7% USA -2.1% Japan -2.3% Italy -3.1%

Swiss and German Economic Indicators, Update November 1

Euro Crisis Has Affected Germany, Switzerland Still Immune    Most Recent Events The Swiss SVME PMI has risen from 43.9 to 46.1. This PMI  is dominated by machinery, metallurgical and electric equipment exporters organized in the Swissmem...

Economic Indicators: In Switzerland and Germany the Euro Crisis Seems to Be Far Away

 Swiss vs. German Economic Indicators, August 2012        Both Swiss and German economic indicators show continued signs of stability. Especially low unemployment, good retail sales and strong trade balances are signs of robustness. The German trade...