Ritesh Jain

Ritesh Jain

I am a forward thinking leader with a passion for growing businesses in a dynamic market condition. In my overall 20 years of experience, I have contributed towards significant portfolio growth and have brought various international and national accolades & recognition to the organization.

Articles by Ritesh Jain

Towards A Globalist Utopia: “Negative Rates Are Coming, Whether You Like It Or Not”

There is nothing that a human mind can’t conceive. It can shoot for the stars or dive in the ocean which twinkles in the shadows of stars and ascend back with sparkling mind bearing uncanny ambition only to float contended. Today, we live in fear of losing wealth, we worry what economic consequences would do to our cash, we look through a microscope and scrutinize every word, every policy, every regulation or find something to put above ‘every’ and list out the glaring negatives with a slight trace of approval. If only one could notice the lens of the microscope, would then one could tell reel and real apart.

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