Per Bylund

Per Bylund

Per Bylund, PhD, is a Fellow of the Mises Institute and Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University, and an Associate Fellow of the Ratio Institute in Stockholm.

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Per Bylund on What is Austrian Economics?

Per Bylund, a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University and Fellow at the Mises Institute joins me as my first return guest to discuss his new book “How to Think about the Economy: A Primer” which is an introduction to the study of Economics from an Austrian perspective.

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The Case for the Austrian School of Economics | Per Bylund

The Austrian School of Economics is gaining traction in business schools and the political sphere alike. Per Bylund, PhD, a Mises Fellow and associate professor of entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University, explains the appeal of the Austrian School in that it offers an alternative means to understanding financial crises and how free markets work.

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Per Bylund on Sweden

A major “Democratic Socialist” argument is to bring up Nordic countries. In this clip from Episode #69 Per Bylund explains the reality of Sweden and their economic system

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Per Bylund and The Economics of Charity – A Voluntary View 010

VIA welcomes Professor Per Bylund onto the show! Per Bylund is the Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. Jeff and Professor Bylund discuss the new book he’s writing for the Mises Institute, his work teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs, and the economics of voluntary charity vs. the welfare state.

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Per Bylund en Juntos por Chile

Licenciado en Administración de Empresas y Máster en Informática en la Escuela Internacional de Negocios de Jönköping, Ph.D en Economía Agrícola de la Universidad Missouri-Columbia.

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Austrian Economics is the Science of Business Success

For any size and any type of business, the generation of value requires more than strategy, planning, and executional excellence. It calls for the establishment, communication, and internalization of value-generation principles, solidly founded and consistently applied.

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Dr. Per Bylund on the Austrian School versus Business School

Why do business schools exist? Dr. Per Bylund wonders if business schools are facing an existential problem. Originally, their purpose was to train young people for a trade career. They transitioned into the field of management, preparing young people for the practice of management in large corporations.

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11: First Principles Economic Thinking with Per Bylund

Per Bylund is Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University.

He is also a fellow at the Mises Institute and associate fellow of the Ratio Institute in Stockholm. His research focuses on issues in entrepreneurship, strategic management, and organizational economics.

We talked about the school of Austrian Economics, the centrality of the price mechanism, the theory of the business cycle, the so-called Socialist Calculation Debate, and the ripple effects of lockdowns on the economy.

Agora Politics is a podcast dedicated to making sense out of our outdated theories of politics.

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Per Bylund Introduces The Austrian Business Model

Every business needs a business model, a recipe for generating profitable and sustainable revenues that result from bringing the customer an experience on which they place a high value.

How do entrepreneurs design successful and profitable business models? They combine theory and experience — theory provides the foundational starting point, and experience refines the model based on action-based learning and real-life feedback.

The best theory — the meta-theory — for business models comes from Austrian economics. This is a proposition we intend to demonstrate rigorously and completely in our Economics For Business platform. Dr. Per Bylund joined us on the Economics For Entrepreneurs podcast to provide an exposition and explanation of the core structure of the Austrian Business Model

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Consumer is sovereign – Per Bylund – Talks with Petri

Per Bylund talks about the role of entrepreneurship in society, what’s wrong with economics, why prices are always rising and how to spend a year in Hawaii.


Per Bylund is a Swede in Oklahoma, USA, where he works as assistant professor of entrepreneurship in the Spears School of Business. He had careers in politics and as business consultant and systems developer before moving to the USA and starting a career in academia. He has also successfully failed as an entrepreneur no less than four times, experiences that he draws from when teaching students and writing columns for Entrepreneur magazine.

He is an author of two books, The Problem of Production: A Theory of the Firm (Routledge, 2016) and The Seen, the Unseen, and the Unrealized: How Regulations Affect Our Everyday Lives

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Como os Empreendedores construíram o Mundo | Per Bylund – Mises University 2020

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Episode 443: Economic Principles That Have Enriched Your Life w/ Per Bylund

49 Minutes

Suitable for All Ages

Per Bylund is a Fellow at the Mises Institute and Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University.

Per joins Pete to go over a few economic principles developed over the last 150+ years that have contributed to helping entrepreneurs provide all of those products that make our lives better and richer.

Show notes and links –

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Who is Jean-Baptiste Say? | by Per Bylund

Per Bylund explains the many contributions of Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832), a precursor to the Austrian school of economics. Today, Say is most well known for his “law of markets” which is now referred to simply as “Say’s Law.” Often misstated as “supply creates its own demand,” the law is that we produce and supply to …

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Per Bylund: Avoid the Errors of UN-trepreneurship

The entrepreneurial business model is built on a set of important economic principles. Wandering away from the entrepreneurial pathway can lead to errors that Per Bylund christened UNtrepreneurship. Show Notes: “Avoiding The Errors of UN-trepreneurship” (PDF): Economics For Entrepreneurs is also available on… Apple Podcasts: Google Play: Stitcher: Soundcloud: …

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Ep. 115 Per Bylund on Regulations, COVID, and Sweden

Our guest is Per Bylund, Assistant Professor of Entrepeneurship at Oklahoma State University where he holds the Records-Johnston Professorship of Free Enterprise in the School of Entrepreneurship. We talk about regulations in the age of COVID, and he also shares his perspective on Sweden’s response to the pandemic. Show notes:

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Human Action Part Three with Dr. Per Bylund

We continue our series on Human Action with Professor Per Bylund of Oklahoma State University. Dr. Bylund and Jeff Deist consider Part Three of the book, “Economic Calculation,” considering Mises’s conception of value and the folly of attempting to define a “unit of value” in a highly subjective world. They discuss socialism and the elementary …

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*Bonus* A Discussion about the State of the Economy w/ Per Bylund

62 Minutes Suitable for All Ages Pete wanted to do an episode about the economy so he invited Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University and Mises Fellow, Per Bylund, to return to the show. Show notes and links –

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