Mario Luddemann

Mario Luddemann

After graduating from high school, Mario Lüddemann began a sales career with BoFrost and Bertelsmann. In 1996 he started as a private stock exchange trader on the German stock market with 5,000 DM seed capital and already reached a million profit as a daytrader on the German financial markets in 2001. In 2002 to the present day, the stock exchange professional sold more than 55,000 trades with a trading volume of more than 1 billion euros. Today, Mario Lüddemann is financially independent and independent as a portfolio manager, financial analyst as well as book author and university-certified management coach and is one of the best-known trading coaches in Germany.

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In more than 25 years, I have proven myself to have developed a profound market knowledge, with successful and tried-and-tested strategies in investment, day and swing trading. I now make them available to semi-professional traders who want to make the leap into professional trading in order to successfully multiply their own capital and live independently.

Generate up to 18.3% return with just one hour per month, performing better than 90% of investors in the market.

For this purpose, I have put together various courses with my team, which you can easily book online here.

In the online base rate trading I show you the basics of professional trading.

Those who want to dive deeper should take advantage of the professional trader training and learn step by step how to become a successful "swing" and "day" trader.

In just 90 days, I will accompany you as a mentor and train you as a trader: learn how trading works according to market technology. The training includes a three-day live seminar, numerous webinars and a joint stock market screening. Here you will learn my personal success strategies, which I have tested and continuously optimized on the stock exchange in over 20 years. My average performance as a professional stockbroker today is 37.3 percent.

In the investment sector, I communicatethe know-how of professional investors and related concrete investment strategies that you can apply directly. I'll teach you how to increase your assets with double-digit returns (10% + x) with just a few hours of effort per month.

In my mastermind seminars, you will learn extremely lucrative volatility strategies that enable returns of over 50%.