Jeffrey P. Snider

Jeffrey Snider

Jeffrey P. Snider is the head of Global Investment Research of Alhambra Investment Partners (AIP). Jeffrey was 12 years at Atlantic Capital Management where he anticipated the financial crisis with critical research. His company is a global investment adviser, hence potential Swiss clients should not hesitate to contact AIP

Videos by Jeffrey Snider

Own These Assets To Survive The Bear Market

Hot inflation is crashing corporate profits, as consumer spending falls and the Fed’s rate hikes make the cost of capital more expensive. As a result, stocks remain under pressure and bond default risks grow.

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The Market Is Playing Tug of War With the Fed

On the eve of one of the most consequential Jobs Fridays maybe ever, Jeffrey Snider says markets reflect an ongoing struggle between central bankers and investors. The former believe they must continue on their rate-hiking path.

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Algorithmic Stablecoins – a New Monetary Order [Eurodollar University, Ep. 208]

Algorithmic stablecoins may be the solution to our 15-year monetary malfunction. We consider where and if stablecoins fit into money creation, intermediation and whether they’d be units of account, stores of wealth and/or mediums of exchange.

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Jeff Snider: Inflation Vs Deflation.

As the reflation trades cools down and the economic data begins to roll over, Jeff Snider, head of global research at Alhambra Investments, anticipates an ugly, near-term outcome for growth.

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Why QE Is NOT Money Printing | Jeff Snider & Emil Kalinowski

In this episode of On The Margin Mike is joined by Jeff Snider of Alhambra Investments & Emil Kalinowski, Mining & Metals Researcher. Jeff & Emil are hosts of Eurodollar University, a podcast dedicated to analyzing the 2007 malfunction of the monetary system – and how its continuing disorder – affects finance, politics and society.

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Jeff Snider On Shadow Money, History, Eurodollar System, Central Banks, Repo, Collateral (RCS 117)

Topics- Were the Dot-Com Bubble and the Housing Bubble caused by the exponential growth of shadow money since the late 80s? Risk, liquidity, Credit Bubble of ’95, China, Eurodollar System. Rehypothecation and how it works: return, leveraging assets, Repo Market, treasuries, repledging, collateral, derivatives. Central Banks, Global Monetary System, Salomon Brothers. Collateral shortage: is that the problem?

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Jeff Snider On Salomon Brothers, Repo Market, Velocity, Shadow Money, Banks, FED (RCS Ep 117)

Topics- Salomon Brothers, the eurodollar market, treasuries, collateral, derivative market: Jeff tells the story of what happened in the early 90s with the Treasury, Warren Buffett, FED, Primary Dealer Banks, Repo market. Velocity: money supply, shadow money, measuring the monetary system. Repo market as a real monetary market: missing data in the FED’s measurements. FED funds rate, banking system, monetary details.

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