Jeffrey P. Snider

Jeffrey Snider

Jeffrey P. Snider is the head of Global Investment Research of Alhambra Investment Partners (AIP). Jeffrey was 12 years at Atlantic Capital Management where he anticipated the financial crisis with critical research. His company is a global investment adviser, hence potential Swiss clients should not hesitate to contact AIP

Videos by Jeffrey Snider

Jeff Snider On Shadow Money, History, Eurodollar System, Central Banks, Repo, Collateral (RCS 117)

Topics- Were the Dot-Com Bubble and the Housing Bubble caused by the exponential growth of shadow money since the late 80s? Risk, liquidity, Credit Bubble of ’95, China, Eurodollar System. Rehypothecation and how it works: return, leveraging assets, Repo Market, treasuries, repledging, collateral, derivatives. Central Banks, Global Monetary System, Salomon Brothers. Collateral shortage: is that the problem?

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Jeff Snider On Salomon Brothers, Repo Market, Velocity, Shadow Money, Banks, FED (RCS Ep 117)

Topics- Salomon Brothers, the eurodollar market, treasuries, collateral, derivative market: Jeff tells the story of what happened in the early 90s with the Treasury, Warren Buffett, FED, Primary Dealer Banks, Repo market. Velocity: money supply, shadow money, measuring the monetary system. Repo market as a real monetary market: missing data in the FED’s measurements. FED funds rate, banking system, monetary details.

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Central Bank Omnipotence: Can They Spark Growth & Inflation?

Central banks are powerful entities — of this, there is no doubt. As of late, however, they have gone from powerful to almost omnipotent. Markets hang on their every word, and even minuscule changes in rhetoric, implied or explicit, have monumental impacts on how participants position themselves.

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Making Sense Eurodollar University Episode 32 Part 3

The Chinese currency is gaining against the dollar. That SHOULD be an ‘all-clear’ signal that reflation, global trade, and positive momentum are in place. But we DO NOT see corroborating evidence on the People’s Bank of China balance sheet. Maybe the move is an engineered feint?

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Inflation Fairy Tale: Why It’s Deflation We Should Worry About (w/ Steven Van Metre & Jeff Snider)

Is inflation on the horizon? Should bank reserve balances stored with the Federal Reserve count as "money"? According to Jeffrey Snider, head of global research at Alhambra Investment Partners, and Steven Van Metre, macro fund manager and founder of Portfolio Shield, the answer to these questions is a resounding "no." Drawing upon a data ranging from Treasury auction sales to Eurodollar futures curves, van Metre and Snider explain why low yields are, in fact, deflationary — contrary to conventional wisdom.

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A Deflationary Mindset That Isnt In Our Minds: Jeff Snider

The timing could not have been worse, though in the grand scheme of things it is just perfect. It was barely two weeks ago when Jay Powell was announcing what he and others were claiming was a huge, massive deal. No longer a specific inflation target, but one that would be averaged high against low.

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Inflation Conditions Absent, Someone Call Jay

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 5:45 AM EDT Not just payroll data, either. The JOLTS data also keeps backing up this idea of a slowdown forming in the trajectory of both the CES and CPS series. More and more it looks like the economy is running out of momentum well short of the finish line.

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Lyn Alden/Jeff Snider (QE, Deflation, Inflation, Dollar, Eurodollar System, Future US Economy)

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Eurodollars & Global Deflation Risk W/ Jeff Snider | Expert View | Real Vision™

Is the global economy poised to enter another deflationary cycle? Jeff Snider, head of global research and chief investment strategist at Alhambra Partners, believes that we have never enjoyed a true recovery from the global financial crisis – but instead, have merely bounced between cycles of deflation and reflation. In this piece, Snider unpacks the importance of Eurodollars as a key to understanding where the global economy is headed next. Filmed on September 11, 2018 in Tonawanda, New York.

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Eurodollars & Global Deflation Risk W/ Jeff Snider | Expert View | Real Vision™

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Jeff Snider talks INFLATION, DEFLATION (RCS Ep75)

Interview original date: July 22nd, 2020

Topics: Jeff’s definition of Deflation, Inflation. Monetary Deflation. Consumer behavior and its effect on prices. Production, wages/income, labor market, labor market destruction. UBI, demand, unemployment, supply, spending, savings, credit. 1930s and destruction of deflation, 1800s and deflation then. Did the Long Depression really exist? Gold Standard after the Civil War, fixed money supply, silver agitation. Different kinds of deflation: Monetary Deflation and Productive Deflation. The FED and their 2% inflation target.

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Fed Watch – “Banking in The Shadows with Jeff Snider” – FED 20

Today, we have the privilege to sit down with Head of Global Research at Alhambra Investments Jeff Snider. We run through the basics of the eurodollar system, why people get it wrong when talking about the Fed, and where we are going from here. Of course, we finish up getting Jeff to talk about bitcoin, and what he says might surprise you!

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Before the interview, we have some time to talk about several other topics about the Fed and global money issues:

Federal Reserve’s Cunha on the State (and Timeframe) of Digital Dollars

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Case Study: Advances in Modular WWTP Design by Jeffrey Snider-Nevan, Newterra Decentralized Water

Webinar – Tuesday, August 18, 2020

With our many brands and vast water treatment technologies, we invite you to experience this online library of unique and informative presentations packed with valuable insight, new products & technologies, and product demonstrations relevant to today’s water industry. Enjoy!

Newterra’s Reclaiming The World’s Water (A Virtual Expo by Newterra)
August 18 & 19, 2020

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Shrinkflation, Hidden Inflation, and Jeff Snider

A certain faction (e.g. Jeff Snider, Jerome Powell, Paul Krugman) continues to beat home the idea that there is no inflation. If you remove everything that rises from the CPI and then fail to count substitutions or shrinkflation, you can come to that conclusion. But if you live in the real world, you know this is not reality. In this episode we cover hidden inflation and shrinkflation.

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