Jeff Deist

Jeff Deist

Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute, where he serves as a writer, public speaker, and advocate for property, markets, and civil society. He previously worked as a longtime advisor and chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul, for whom he wrote hundreds of articles and speeches. In his years with Dr. Paul he worked with countless grassroots activists and organizations dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government.

Videos by Jeff Deist

What You Can Do

Jeff Deist and Connor Mortell host an AMA during Mises University 2022 with the topic of “What You Can Do.”

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The Future of Gold and Money (Jeff Deist, James Dale Davidson, Keith Weiner, David Gornoski)

Classic roundtable from September, 2020.
In this roundtable discussion, David Gornoski is joined by Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist, Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals, and James Dale Davidson, author of the Sovereign Individual. Together, they discuss the history and future of gold as an investment asset for the average Joe, general misconceptions of investing in gold, the Fiat money system, the economic effects of foreign policy, and more.

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Ep. 1995 Jeff Deist and Tom Woods on What Must Be Done

At the Mises Institute’s supporters summit over the weekend, Institute president Jeff Deist and I had an informal discussion after dinner in front of the assembled attendees, and reviewed Hans Hoppe’s essay “What Must Be Done” as the springboard for our discussion. Warning: zingy.

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Jeff Deist: Why Covid is an Opportunity for the Right!

Our topic is assessing the new post-Covid world. After more than a year of unprecedented state intervention in our private lives, have Americans accepted a grim “new normal”? How bad is the post-Covid economy, from shortages of goods and workers to inflation to rent moratoriums? Will all the monetary and fiscal stimulus really work?

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Separation Over Persuasion with Jeff Deist

My guest this week is the President of the Mises Institute, Jeff Deist. We discuss one of the biggest silver linings that can be taken from 2020 and the Covid moment. It’s time to take stock in what has happened and realize that getting a Rand Paul or a Thomas Massie elected at the Presidential level isn’t time and money well spent.

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Make Politics Matter Less With Jeff Deist GodArchy Podcast

You know things are out of wack when soft drinks become politicized!

And that’s where we are today.

We’ve politicized virtually everything. But at the core, politics is violence, force and coercion. Surely, that’s not the best way we can come up with to interact with each other and advance human flourishing.

In this episode, Mises Institute president Jeff Deist and I talk about making politics matter less. We focus on other important institutions and other ways of interacting with each other without turning to political solutions.

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El progresismo | Jeff Deist

Jeff Deist habla sobre hasta qué punto el pensamiento progresista se está extendido en los actos y pensamientos de nuestra vida cotidiana.

Momento que tuvo lugar durante la reunión anual de la Property and Freedom Society que se celebró del 13 al 18 de septiembre de 2018 en el Hotel Karia Princess, Bodrum, Turquía.

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Episode 89 – Irreconcilable Differences with Jeff Deist

In this very special episode, we are joined by the coolest patriarch in the liberty world, Mr. Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute. He is a man whose rational and apt arguments have been called hateful by the Woke Mob, the man who coined “post-persuasion,” and a pillar of freedom in a chaotic world. Join us as we explore our current paradigm and our dire need for decentralization and secession.

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LoL Ep. 8 w/ Jeff Deist

We were honored to be joined in this episode by Mr. Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute! We had a great conversation touching on many issues including Covid lockdowns, international law, tort law and big tech censorship, culture wars, and the legal profession.

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Ep. 1730 Jeff Deist on Silver Linings from the COVID Dystopia

The COVID lockdowns and restrictions are terrible and inexcusable and dystopian, without a doubt. Yet might there be some weird silver linings here? Jeff Deist explains. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show:

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