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Articles by GoldCore

Oil price highest in 3 years, gold ready to follow

Gold Price in GBP, May 2018

U.S. withdraws from Iran nuclear deal. Oil jumps past $70. Argentina hikes interest rates to 40%. S. 10 year disparity. Western buying returns to gold. Gold and silver both ended slightly up in a week dominated by heightening geopolitical news, weakening inflation data, and emerging market concerns.With gold closing the week at $1,318 (up 0.28%), €1,104 (0.37%), and £973 (0.2%).

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Buy Gold, Silver Time After Speculators Reduce Longs and Banks Reduce Shorts

Concentration of Traders in the CFTC COTs

Gold and silver COT suggests bottoming and price rally coming. Speculators cut way back on long positions and added to short bets. Commercials/banks significantly reduced short positions. Commercial net short position saw biggest one-week decline in COMEX history. ‘Big 4’ commercial traders decreased their short positions by 28,800 contracts. Seasonally, January is generally a good month to own gold (see table). “If history is still reliable, January will be a great month to own precious metals”

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Bitcoin Fork, Hyped ICOs – Immutable Gold and Silver

Latest developments show risks in crypto currencies. Confusion as bitcoin may split tomorrow. SEC stepped into express concern over ICOs. ICOs have so far raised $1.2 billion in 2017. ICOs preying on lack of understanding from investors. Physical gold not vulnerable to technological risk. Beauty and safety in simplicity of gold and silver.

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Digital Gold – For Now Caveat Emptor

Bitcoin Gold, 2012 - 2017

Bitcoin surpasses gold price – a psychological and arbitrary headline. Royal Mint blockchain gold asks you to trust in the UK government. Royal Canadian Mint and GoldMoney blockchain product asks you to trust in government and the technology, servers, websites etc of the providers. Invest in a gold mine using cryptocurrency – but wait until 2022 for your gold and trust the miners that it is there. Blockchain and gold will likely make a “good team”, but they’re not ready yet.

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Gold Price In GBP Up 4 percent On Brexit and UK Risks

Gold Price in GBP

Gold Price In GBP Rises 4% On Brexit and UK Economy Risks. Pound fell 2% against gold yesterday after Theresa May created Brexit concerns. May’s ‘Hard Brexit’ denial does not calm markets growing fears. Investors concerned about lack of government strategy and uncertainty. UK Prime Minister bizarrely blames media and “those who print things” for sterling depreciation. GBP gold builds on 31% gain in 2016 with 4% gain so far in 2017.

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Gold Rises In All Currencies In 2016 – 9 percent In USD, 13 percent In EUR and 31.5 percent In GBP

Gold Price Performance

Gold gains in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, NZD, JPY. Gold gains in CNY, INR & most emerging market currencies. Gold surges 31.5% in British pounds after Brexit shock. Gold acted as hedge and safe haven in 2016 … for those who need safe haven. Furthers signs of market having bottomed and bodes well for 2017. What drivers will gold respond to in 2017? EU elections and contagion risk, Geo-politics, terrorism, war and cyber war. Outlook for gold good during Trump Presidency (2017 to 2020)

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Why Krugman, Roubini, Rogoff And Buffett Hate Gold

A couple of weeks ago an article appeared on Bitcoin Magazine entitled ‘Some economists really hate bitcoin’. I read it with a sigh of nostalgia. As someone who has been writing about gold for a few years, I am used to reading similar criticisms as those bitcoin receives from mainstream economists, about gold.

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Silver Kangaroo Coins – Sales Surge To Over 10 Million

Silver kangaroo coins have seen sales surge to over 10 million coins which is double the expected demand for the year. Introduced to the market less than 11 months ago in September 2015 at a launch attended by GoldCore, sales of the new release Perth Mint’s 2016 Australian Kangaroo 1 ounce silver bullion coin were anticipated to reach 5 million coins in their introductory first year.

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