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Best Trading Tips

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George Dorgan

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1) Read our contrarian insights: We provide regularly contrarian indications to technical Forex movements. They are contrarian in the sense that fundamentals differ from current FX rates. This can cause trend inversions. Read more here about FX movements. Examples for our trend inversion posts are also published on Seeking Alpha:

short EUR at 1.36 in January 2013 or buy EUR at 1.23 in July 2012

2) You better trade after work and do not look at markets during the day, see here.

I personally have made very bad experiences with trades that were stopped out, even when market data showed that bid or ask did not reach these levels. See Top 10 Scary Facts About Placing Stops 


George Dorgan, snbchf.com

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are not intended to be taken as investment advice. It is to be taken as opinion only and we encourage you to complete your own due diligence when making an investment decision. Even if we often write about Forex trading, our advices aren't written for day traders who follow technical channels, but rather for mid- and long-term investors. Our aim is to show discrepancies between fundamental data and current asset valuations, which can lead in mid-term to an inversion to technical channels.


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