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Weekly SNB Intervention Update: Sight Deposits and Speculative Position

Weekly update on SNB interventions: Sight deposits are debt for the central bank, while FX positions are assets. An increase of sight deposits implies an SNB interventions and implicitly more debt. Our regular table on sight deposits now additionally...

The 2015 Update: Risks on the Rising SNB Money Supply

We explain the risks on the rising money supply in Switzerland. We distinguish between broad money supply (M1-M3) and narrow money supply (M0). Both are rising quickly.

Jordan’s “Does the SNB need equity?”, an assault on the Swiss constitution?

Marc Meyer argues that the Swiss National Bank must build up reserves, but this does not mean "foreign exchange reserves", but "Swiss Franc reserves". According to the constitution these reserves are owners' equity denominated in Swiss Franc and some...

SNB most important posts about the Swiss National Bank

Swiss National Bank: Extended Losses from 50% to 60% of Owners’ Equity

The latest data show that the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has extended its losses to 60% owners' equity. By end of June, the capital is less than 34 billion CHF, as compared to 86 billion in December 2014. This implies a half-year loss of more than 50...

Swiss National Bank: Composition of Reserves and Investment Strategy

We regularly publish the SNB asset structure by currency, rating & duration. They shall be a template for the tactical asset allocation along these dimensions for other conservative asset managers - CHF holdings certainly excluded because the SNB...

SNB interventions June 2015

Latest update for June 2015: The pace of SNB intervention is slowing. Sight deposits, the indicator for SNB interventions, rise by 0.5 billion francs per week. April and May: Sight deposits rise by 1.5 billion CHF per week. Thanks to this intervention...

Rising Sight Deposits at SNB Means Rising SNB Debt

Money creation and sight deposits may have two points of view: 1. The central bank creates money - i.e. the SNB decides to increase sight deposits when it does currency interventions 2. Commercial banks create money - inflows in CHF on Swiss bank...

The Last Free Lunch for Holders of SNB’s High-Risk Share?

Marc Meyer, the maybe strongest opponent of the Swiss National Bank criticizes the misleading vocabulary in monetary policy that confuses central bank liabilities with assets. He identifies the intrinsic and time value of the SNB share. According to...

SNB’s IMF data

This IMF data on the SNB website shows SNB Forex and gold reserves in the last month. It is so-called "IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard (SNB Data)"

Where does SNB intervene against overvalued CHF, do they sell EUR & USD? (April Update)

In his first response to the Swiss financial tsunami on January 15, George Dorgan suggested that the EUR/CHF of 1.10 will not be reached any time soon. He explains where the SNB should intervene and if they sell Euros and dollars.

Marc Meyer

The best posts by Marc Meyer, the biggest and most influential enemy of the Swiss National Bank. He regularly published in German on

Werden Bund und Kantone die Nationalbank rekapitalisieren?

Marc Meyer speaks out against the view of Barry Eichengreen and Beatrice Weder di Mauro that published an article in Project Syndicate. The two professors were of the opinion that the SNB could print without limit. Meyer does not agree.

What Caused The SNB Financial Tsunami? Three Reasons, One Trigger, One Chain Reaction

In this post we give our (Swiss) view for the financial tsunami on January 15. The SNB has preferred its secondary mandate, namely financial stability, and the elimination of risks on its own balance sheet caused by ECB QE. It will not obey its...

2014 Results: SNB expects profit of CHF 38 billion

The Swiss National Bank reported a profit of CHF 38 billion for the year 2014. They obtained price gains in all asset classes, in bonds, stocks and gold. Interest payments and dividends achieved a yield of 1.7%.

History of SNB Sight Deposits, 2014

2014 Posts on SNB

Blog entries on the SNB that got last updated in 2014

December 2014: SNB Introduces Negative Rates, a Toothless Measure?

The Swiss National Bank has introduced negative interest rates. They apply only to sight deposits in excess of 20 times minimum reserves. Therefore they will affect hardly any bank and can be considered symbolic or even toothless. The view of the SNB...

Keith Weiner: SNB Must Keep Euro over 1.20 To Avoid Losses of Swiss Banks

The recognized Austrian economist Keith Weiner and the Wall Street Journal argue that the SNB must keep the euro over 1.20 in order maintain stability in the Swiss banking system. A rapid appreciation of the franc would create losses on the balance...

Will SNB FX Investments Yield Enough Until U.S. Inflation Starts?

Will the SNB be able to survive an upturn in inflation: We focus on income and yields for foreign exchange position and gold and find out if the SNB makes enough income to survive a franc appreciation.
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