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Media and Bloggers

euromoney.com ‏ @euromoney FOLLOWS YOU


International banking, finance, capital markets coverage. Euromoney.com links tend to be to free content unless signified. RT ≠ endorsement.
Sid Verma ‏ @_SidVerma FOLLOWS YOU
Associate editor @euromoney, global finance and emerging markets aficionado. Formerly of Financial Times (FT Tilt). RTs ≠ endorsement.

Marc Chandler ‏ @marcmakingsense FOLLOWS YOU
Breaking Down and Making Sense of Global Capital Markets

Cullen Roche ‏ @cullenroche FOLLOWS YOU
Founder of Orcam Financial Group (http://orcamgroup.com ) & Pragmatic Capitalism (http://pragcap.com ). Author of Understanding the Modern Monetary System.

Terrence Barrett ‏ @BarrettSurveys
Economic surveys at Bloomberg News. Delving into the details that make a differenceDavid Keohane ‏ @DavidKeo FOLLOWS YOU
FT Alphaville reporter currently sweating in Mumbai. Tweets are mine. Contact: david.keohane@ft.com

Robert Cookson@robert_cookson FOLLOWS YOU

Digital Media Correspondent @FinancialTimes, covering music, social media, video games, film, newspapers and B2B media among other things. RTs ≠ endorsements
Pedro da Costa ‏  @pdacosta FOLLOWS YOU
Journalist covering economics and Federal Reserve policy for @Reuters. Resident instigator at @MacroScope.
LeMondeEcoEnt ‏ @LeMondeEcoEnt FOLLOWS YOU
Le Monde EcoEnt est le supplément hebdomadaire du quotidien Le Monde, publié tous les lundi. Retrouvez également des informations inédites sur notre blog.

Dow Jones Nordics ‏ @DowJonesNordics FOLLOWS YOU
Follow us for news and insights on Nordic equities, FX & macro from the reporting staff of the Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal in the Nordics.

The Conference Board ‏ @Conferenceboard FOLLOWS YOU
The leading, global business research and membership association

Hannah Smith ‏ @hannah_fran FOLLOWS YOU
I am the deputy editor of @InvestmentWeek, a leading trade publication serving the investment management industry.

Dan Veniez ‏ @danveniez FOLLOWS YOU

Entrepreneur/CEO; past Liberal Party of Canada candidate; Stuff I sometimes write for fun published in iPolitics, Huffington Post, The Mark, Georgia Straight.

Frances Coppola ‏ @Frances_Coppola FOLLOWS YOU
Mezzo-soprano & financial writer, teaches singing a bit too. Embarrassed to admit was a banker once. Rubbish housewife.

Gavan Nolan ‏ @GavanNolan FOLLOWS YOU

Markit.com analyst, specialising in all things credit

MacroScope ‏  @MacroScope FOLLOWS YOU
MacroScope is the @Reuters economics blog, featuring contributions from correspondents around the world.
wonkmonk ‏ @wonkmonk_ FOLLOWS YOU
Economic policy activist.


Libertarian bloggers

zerohedge ‏ @zerohedge FOLLOWS YOU

Eugen Böhm-Bawerk ‏ @EBawerk  FOLLOWS YOU
Former Austrian fin min, ambassador to Germany. Author of Capital and Interest. http://Bawerk.net

John Aziz ‏ @azizonomics FOLLOWS YOU

economics writer. global macro, black swans, geopolitics, history, liberty, environmentalism. zero hedge & maxkeiser.com contributor. geeky.

TakingHayekSeriously ‏ @FriedrichHayek FOLLOWS YOU
Your virtual Alpbach seminar & Mont Pelerin Society meeting in easy 140 character bites.

Wolf Richter ‏ @TestosteronePit FOLLOWS YOU
Endlessly opinionated, falsely confident econ blogger www.testosteronepit.com
TheBubbleBubble.com ‏ @TheBubbleBubble FOLLOWS YOU
One of the Ten People Who Predicted the Financial Meltdown according to The Times of London, now warning of a new crop of major economic bubbles.
Libertarian News ‏ @Libertarian_New FOLLOWS YOU
Libertarian News, Anarcho-capitalism, Austrian economics, Satire and Humor
SAM@AlternEconomic FOLLOWS YOU
Alternative Economics is a foundation dedicated to re-define economic theory. Starting from the initial question of ‘What economics today is’
Plan B Economics ‏ @planbeconomics FOLLOWS YOU
Alternative insights on investing, business, technology, energy and life.


Marc Faber Blog  @marcfaberblog  FOLLOWS YOUMarc Faber is an investor and economist known for his spot-on assessment of the world economy. He also manages his own investment company, Marc Faber Limited.· http://marcfaberblog.com

Charles Dumas ‏ @CharlesDumasLSR  FOLLOWS YOU
Chairman of Lombard Street Research, Chief Economist, Author, formerly w JPMorgan, GM, The EconomistMichael Bull ‏

@MichaelBull1 FOLLOWS YOU
Global macro fund manager at IV Capital ( ‘IVC’ ). Nine consecutive yrs without loss, incl 2008. UCITS fund launching soon. Tweets = personal views, not advice.

Ev Nucci ‏ @evnucci FOLLOWS YOU
Ex-fortune 100 executive, Wall Street Consultant, Mom of 3

George A. Quintas ‏ @GivaDogaBone   FOLLOWS YOU
Fund Manager, Geolly Pty Ltd

Lance Roberts ‏ @STAWealth  FOLLOWS YOU
CEO/Economist/Strategist for STA Wealth Management. Bringing investment and economic analysis without the spin.

John Butler ‏ @ButlerGoldRevo
Author of The Golden Revolution (Wiley, 2012) and the Amphora Report investment newsletter. Former Managing Director at Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank.

Wall Street Trading ‏ @WallStTrade FOLLOWS YOU
Whether you are trading equities, options, futures or forex, we specialize in direct market access trading of multiple asset classes.
Barry Widdows ‏ @widdbar FOLLOWS YOU
Global Macro Hedge Fund Manager at BlackRock (@BlackRock)

Nick Huish ‏ @NickHuish  FOLLOWS YOU
Emerging Markets Hedge Fund Manager. Also enjoy a number of sports including football, fishing, rugby and cricket.

H.J.Haack ist der Autor eines erfolgreichen Derivate-Börsenbriefs mit exzellenten Performancedaten und einem in Deutschland einmaligen Service

Douglas Blake
 ‏ @douglas_blake
Senior Wealth Manager at NSC, Producer/Host of Dialogue on the Street for Asia TV, Wall Street This Week for China Radio, contributor with CCTV, ETNow, NDTV
Mike Bergen ‏ @BergenCapital FOLLOWS YOU
A hedge fund manager.
Global macro ‏ @Makro_Trader FOLLOWS YOU
Global Macro strategy with main focus on the Nordic markets.Behavioral Finance ‏ @victorricciardi FOLLOWS YOU
Behavioral Finance & Risk Expert, Finance Professor at Goucher College, SSRN Editor, Radio Guest. Victor Ricciardi posts behavioral finance news on Twitter.


Banque CIC (Suisse) ‏ @BanqueCIC FOLLOWS YOU
Seit über 100 Jahren kompetenter Ansprechpartner in Anlagefragen. Folgen Sie uns auf Twitter für spannende Einblicke und Ausblicke. http://www.cic.ch

Private Banking und Asset Management

cash ‏ @cashch FOLLOWS YOU
cash.ch vereint unabhängige Wirtschafts- und Finanzinformationen mit vielseitigen Bankdienstleistungen.

Armin Müller ‏ @Armin_Muller FOLLOWS YOU
Chefökonom Handelszeitung [opinions are my own]
Pascal Meisser ‏ @PMeisser FOLLOWS YOU
Wirtschaftsjournalist – cash.ch

Finanz u. Wirtschaft ‏ @FuW_News FOLLOWS YOU
Hier twittert das Team von «Finanz und Wirtschaft», älteste Finanzredaktion der Schweiz. Gegründet 1928. Jetzt tagesaktuell auf allen digitalen Kanälen.

Patrik Müller ‏ @patrik_mueller FOLLOWS YOU
Journalist Der Sonntag

fondstrends.ch ‏ @fondstrends FOLLOWS YOU
Die führende B2B-Informationsplattform für die Schweizer Fondsindustrie. Fondstrends.ch richtet sich an Professionals und ein interessiertes Fachpublikum.

Frederic Biondi ‏ @FredSwiss FOLLOWS YOU
CEO of a Swiss industrial company actives in the pharma business

swissbusiness ‏ @swissbusiness FOLLOWS YOU
The Swiss Business Club is connecting business people


David Song ‏ @DavidJSong FOLLOWS YOU
Currency Analyst at DailyFX.com.

Jennifer Cordingley ‏ @TradingTotty FOLLOWS YOU

Broadcast Journalist for Dukascopy Forex TV

Nicolas Chéron ‏ @NicolasCheron FOLLOWS YOU

Stratégiste, Responsable de l’équipe DailyFX France. #EURUSD #trading

Boston Prime FX ‏ @BostonPrimeFX FOLLOWS YOU

Boston Prime connects banks, brokerages, and Investment Managers to liquidity from the world’s largest liquidity providers for forex and CFD trading..

Jon Matonis @jonmatonis  FOLLOWS YOU
e-Money specialist. Board advisor to startups in bitcoin, gaming, mobile and prepaid. Previously CEO of Hushmail and Chief Forex Trader at VISA.

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